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Apis Advanced Skin Care Anti-wrinkle Neuro-Ritual V-LIFT Night with Massager 50ml

Is this the product for you?
1. You are looking for an innovative cream with a spectacular lifting effect and modeling the contour of the face
2. Your skin needs much more than just a cream

You have chosen the perfect product for yourself!

What active ingredients does it have?

♥ Kannabia Sense PLF- raw material obtained from hemp stem cells. It won the Inovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2020 category. It has an ECOCERT certificate.
KANNABIA SENSE PLF is an innovative microbiota helper. It does not contain compounds such as CBD and THC. It stimulates the skin microflora to produce the so-called in-situ postbiotic cocktail that influences the secretion of cutaneous oxytocin. Its presence activates the areas in the brain responsible for improving the mood and the feeling of pleasure comparable to eating chocolate. By activating the Microbiome-Skin-Brain, it provides the skin with a SKIN-TO-SKIN effect, an emotional effect as in the case of a touch or massage.

The conducted in vitro tests showed:

- an increase in the level of skin hydration

- reduction of the surface of wrinkles up to 44%

Emotional (mimic)wrinkles become shallower and the skin looks prettier and healthier.

In vivo tests showed:

- improvement of well-being and increase of positive emotions in the respondents

- illumination of the skin

♥ Koohookimotherefrom the sprouts of the olive tree surowiecwon 1st place in the Best Ingredient Award category at the in-Cosmetics 2020 fair. ABOUTis kept from stem cells from olive tree sprouts about powerfulch propertiesrevitalizationthe mouthfulleatheręmaturedand. FROMgreater levels of energy and vitality of epidermal cells. S.stimulates the production of structural proteins with anti-wrinkle and firming properties that stimulate repair processes.

♥ Hydrolyzate from red algae (rhodophycea) -perfectively shapes the contour of the face - turns the "U" shape into the "V" shape, underlines contours on the cheeks, linesah mandible and brhodiumzie. Tests clinical ingredientconfirmed face contour modeling action andvisible reduction of the chin area (average reduction of the double chin by 10.2% after 8 weeks of use, and at best a reduction of nearly 40% was achieved after 12 weeks).

♥ Marula oil-pis obtained from the African tree also known as the elephant tree, or more precisely - from the seeds of its sweet fruit. Thanks highiej content vitamin E andC is perfect for mature and dry skin. Inhas a strong regenerating and soothing effectce.

♥ Kukui oil- dperfectly moisturizes, smoothes and regenerates the skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

♥ Kokum butter- it is obtained from the seeds of kokam (Garcinia indica) plants growing in India. It is a source of vitamin E, essential, unsaturated fatty acids, including omega acids, which support the oxygenation of cells. It has strong moisturizing and regenerating properties and softening. P.leaves the skin elastic and toned. P.prevents the skin from drying out and prevents water loss from the epidermis.

♥ Bio- Propanediol- pCOSMOS certificate. It is obtained from corn kernels. It is a natural moisturizing substance and an excellent carrier of active substances - it strengthens the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

Why this product?
Anti-wrinkle Neuro - V-LIFT ritual is a combination of advanced and fully natural ingredients contained in the cream with the function of relaxing and stimulating skin massage.
The massager included in the set will allow for even better stimulation of microcirculation, improving the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. The innovative complex of red algae provides the skin with a visible lifting and rejuvenation.
Result: A precisely modeled face contour, reducing the double chin and emphasizing its shape in the letter V.
In addition, the KANNABIA SENSEPLF, derived from hemp stem cells, effectively minimizes mimic wrinkles by up to 44% *. It restores the balance of the microbiome to the skin, which stimulates the formation of neuroactive postbiotics, improves mood and generates positive emotions (combination of Microbiome Skin Brain) *.
In combination with olive tree sprout stem cells with a powerful revitalizing effect, it increases energy levels and vitality, and supports the repair processes taking place in the epidermis cells. It has anti-wrinkle and firming properties.
Thanks to the excellent properties of kokum butter and marula oil, the cream intensively regenerates, moisturizes and tones the skin while you sleep. It will take on radiance and youthful appearance every morning.
* In vitro and in vivo studies of the active ingredient.

How himwill you use
Apply the cream on the cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté and perform a lifting massage according to the instructions included in the package. Before using the massager for the first time, twist the cap to remove the protective foil from the battery.

Short description: Apis Advanced Skin Care Anti-wrinkle Neuro-Ritual V-LIFT Night with Massager 50ml
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