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Brush for applying gel Profico White & Gold Oval

Brush for applying builder gel, acrylic gel or painting with color gel. The brush size is universal and very popular with beginner stylists. The oval shape will allow extremely precise application on the cuticles, limiting their flooding. It can also be helpful in shading ornaments.

The brush is made of high-quality nylon bristles that do not cause allergies. The bristles have a uniform structure that limits the absorption of excessive amount of the product and allows it to be saved and easier to distribute. The semi-circular shape of the bristles will work well when extending nails and building a C curve. It will also be very helpful in painting or applying gel on the cuticles

The most important features:

  • synthetic bristles
  • simple, decorative handle filled with crystals
  • a cap to protect the bristles
  • enables very precise work
  • universal size
Short description: Brush for applying gel Profico White & Gold Oval
Lead time: 24h
Product model: PRO-05049

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