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Slim aluminum desk lamp - WHITE
Modern design. The lamp can be used in beauty salons when performing a manicure treatment. It provides very good lighting in a cool shade and is intended for indoor use. It should not be exposed to direct moisture.

Technical data:

- voltage 220-230 V / 50-60 Hz
- power 20W
- white metallic
- fluorescent lamp
- 73cm arm length
- base length 22cm
- base width 15 cm,
- shoulder height from posture 28 cm,
74 * 30 * 5
Short description: Slim 20w White Desk Lamp
Lead time: 24h
Product model: 10003_102237
ean: 5906717402876
Code at the supplier: 10002_19976
Producent code: 10002_19976
fk_symbol: 10002_19976

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