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Cutters EXO is a high-quality accessory, made of the best components available.
Precision in the production process makes working with them easy and safe.
It should be remembered that with a properly selected cutter, we can easily remove the hybrid from the nail surface, give them the desired shape and length, smooth out calluses and remove unsightly cuticles. The cutter does not transfer heat, so there is no unpleasant feeling of heating.
Ceramic oval cutter is irreplaceable for removing gel and acrylic. It is also perfect at work when working on natural nails, significantly accelerating the treatment without compromising the final aesthetic effect.
- Material: zirconium oxide
- size: L-14.5 mm, O6.0 mm
- Shape: oval
- sharpness / graininess: medium (blue)
A color mark placed on the cutter indicates the sharpness, graininess of the cutter (gradation)

  • EAN: 5906717446979
Short description: Exo Cutter Ceramic Oval O6,0mm Bl / 307m
Lead time: 24h
Product model: 10003_141044
ean: 5906717446979

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