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Roller face massager made of jade - also known as the stone of youth, is a natural way popular in Asia to preserve youth and good condition of the skin.
• reduction of swelling
• reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes
• facelift
• minimization of pores
• relaxing and calming the facial skin
• reduction of wrinkles
• relaxation and relaxation
How to use a roller?
It is recommended to systematically massage the face - only with regular use you can see the effects. Before use, the massager may be refrigerated in the refrigerator, but it is not necessary. It is recommended to use natural oils for massage, including argan, sweet almond, marula. Movements should be made from the inside to the outside of the face, and along the neck from top to bottom.
Contact of the metal part with water should be avoided, the rollers should be cleaned with a damp cotton swab or cloth. The massager should be left in a sunny place once every few weeks in order to charge the stone with solar energy so that it regains its glow and properties.
With each treatment, remember to:
• the skin of the face and neck is clean
• do not use heavy pressure

Item Specification:
- Brand new product.
- 100% natural stone - jade
- Possibility to perform dry massage or massage with oil
- Comfortable handle to hold
- Two tips.

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Short description: Green Jade Roller Massager
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