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Heater with a unique design

Professional wax heater for skin epilation in a unique design. The heater is safe and easy to use. Includes an easy-to-remove aluminum bucket.

Its features are:

• Transparent lid to control wax melting and prevent overheating and dust accumulation.
• Temperature in the range from 35 ° to 125 ° Celsius adjustable by a knob.
• Control lamp and click system (click when the knob is moved to indicate that the device is on / off).
• Suitable for regular wax, pearls, blocks and paraffin wax.

How to use?

1. Connect the device to the power supply. Put the wax beads or canned wax in a saucepan and then place it in the warmer.
2. Turn the knob to ON - the red light shows that the device has started working.
3. While the appliance is operating, the light will turn off and on again to keep the wax temperature constant.
4. The wax takes 10 to 30 minutes to dissolve, depending on the temperature selected.
5. Always check the temperature of the wax before applying it to the skin to avoid burns
6. After finishing work, turn off the device and wait until it cools down.
7. The device disconnected from the power supply can be cleaned by removing the bucket.

Technical data:

Model: AX800
Voltage: 220V / 240V
Electric power: 100W
Frequency: 50 / 60Hz

  • EAN: 5906717450969
Short description: Wax Heater Iwax Diamond 400ml 100w Black
Lead time: 24h
Product model: 10003_144118
ean: 5906717450969

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