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The model of the SUPER LIGHT protective helmet is distinguished by a modern design and the lowest possible weight.
The helmet ensures comfortable and hygienic work and protection against various types of filings.
- Excellent protection and comfort during work.
- Comfortable and flexible frame providing a wide field of view, not restricting freedom of movement
- Modern design.
- Ergonomic shape.
- Low weight.
- High fracture strength.
- Flexible, pressure-free and easily adaptable frame to the face.
- Two metal alligator clip buckles allow for a quick foil change.
- Foils for excellent visibility and long life.
- Set of replaceable foils 5 pcs in each set.

Short description: Super Light Protective Helmet - Glasses + 5 Shields
Lead time: 24h
Product model: 10003_131370
ean: 5906717431098

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