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File Aba Group Straight 180/240 Zeberka SLIM x25 pcs

Slim file with an exceptional thickness of 2 mm.

Aba Group SIMPLE disposable nail files, graded 180/240 SLIM, dedicated to hard-to-reach places and professional use, allows you to quickly and easily model the shape and length of the plate. 180/240 gradation is perfect for styling natural nails. The side with 180 grit is used for filing and shortening, while the 240 grit is suitable for smoothing edges and giving the nails the final shape. It has a large gradation, so when sawing, it does not damage the nail structure.

Product specification:

Gradation: 180/240
Thickness: SLIM
Version: without packaging

Why a file from Aba Group? We have some answers.

We produce from the highest quality materials exclusively from the EU.

We use non-toxic, dermatologically tested adhesives for production.

Aba Group files do not show any irritating or allergenic properties. this has been laboratory tested and confirmed with a dermatological report.

We coat our files with stearate, which prevents the file from "clogging up" during work.

All abrasive products we manufacture are CE marked, which means that they meet all the requirements of EU directives, as well as that they have been subjected to appropriate conformity assessment procedures, completed with a positive assessment.

Our files have the following certificates:

European Safety Certificate.
Certificate - European guarantee of the highest quality.
Certificate - European quality leader.

Short description:
Lead time: 24h
Product model: 864455

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