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Darsonval - high frequency currents.

High-frequency currents - called Darsonval currents in cosmetics are used to stimulate metabolism, strengthen blood flow in the skin, causing local hyperemia, but most of all they have a surface disinfecting and antiseptic effect.

Darsonval is a device connected directly to the electric network. The device is extremely handy and compact, the handle has a built-in on / off switch that regulates the current intensity at the same time. The device is equipped with 4 glass electrodes, which can be selected depending on the surface of the skin to be treated.

- Rod electrode (stick) - for removing single impurities.

- Mushroom-shaped electrode (mushroom) - suitable for disinfecting the entire face.

- Tear electrode (spoon) - for harder to reach surfaces, e.g. cavities around the nose,

- Comb electrode - for scalp revitalization, stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss.

Short description: The device Darsonval 006A
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