Hurtownia Kosmetyczna Vanity

Vanity Cosmetic Wholesale offers you free training *for all Hebe Combine Cosmetics purchased in our company.

The training prepares for professional performance of treatments in a beauty salon with the use of a given device.

Each training course consists of a brief introduction to theoretical part during which indications and contraindications for a given procedure are discussed, the methodology of its performance, recommendations for the client after the procedure. In addition, the trainer presents and discusses in detail technical maintenance of the device.

The full training offer is available on our training portal
Szkolenia kosmetyczna hurtownia kosmetyczna Vanity

Each training ends with a personal certificate confirming the ability to operate the equipment.

* free training is carried out in Wrocław, at the training point on ul. Powstańców Sląskich 125/100. If you want to undergo training outside Wrocław, the training is payable, and its cost depends on the distance from Wrocław. If you want to train more people, the price is set individually.