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VOESH Peppermint Swirl Pedi In A Box Deluxe Pedicure Set 4 Steps price PLN 18.90

Add some energy this holiday season with our limited edition Peppermint Swirl Pedi in the Deluxe 4 Step Box. Infused with peppermint oil and organic olive oil, this pedi pack provides a cooling sensation and soothing relief for dry, tired or overworked feet. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin for a silky-smooth, mint freshness. Pamper yourself or everyone on your gift list!

Step 1. Sea Salt Soak cleanses and refreshes the feet
Step 2. Sugar Scrub, Sugar Scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.
Step 3. Mud Masque. Mud mask for deep cleansing of impurities.
Step 4. Massage Butter. Massage butter to moisturize and soothe the skin.

VOESH is the first Spa Pedicure in Poland to be performed in 4 steps.

Each set is the right amount of preparation for a single treatment.

The cleanest and most hygienic solution for a professional pedicure.

100% vega product: no parabens, no gluten, no sulphates or mineral oils.

Short description: VOESH Peppermint Swirl Pedi In A Box Deluxe Pedicure Set 4 Steps
Lead time: Three days
Product model: VPC208PEP

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