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The professional digital wax heater is suitable for all types of depilatory waxes. Simple to use. Melts all types of depilatory waxes: canned wax, hard wax, dragees (a pot is attached to the heater, in which you can melt hard wax and dragees).
The heater has special modes: hard wax heating mode and wax can heating mode. The set run time can be adjusted from 0.5 hour to 24 hours.
The temperature can be adjusted from 25 degrees C to 135 degrees C
Technical data:
- power: 120 W
- capacity: 500 ml
- temperature: 25 - 135 degrees C.

  • EAN: 5906717437076
Short description: Wax Heater Pro Wax 700 Can 500ml 120W White
Lead time: 24h
Product model: 10003_133964
ean: 5906717437076

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